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Medal of Honor: Airborne v1.3 (2007/cracked/Repacked by RG ReCoding)

Medal of Honor: Airborne v1.3 (2007/Repack by RG ReCoding)
RG ReCoding | 2007 | PC | russian/english | Developer: EA Los Angeles | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 2.3 GB | 1 LINK ONLY
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

At the time of World War II fascist invaders feared like the plague of domestic rockets Katyusha and American paratroopers. Brave guys jumped right on the head of an unsuspecting enemy. Under a hail of bullets and artillery shells had landed on the most dangerous sections of the front and always performed the task. In a new episode of the legendary series Medal of Honor: Airborne you have to get used to the image of Boyd Travers, a soldier eighty second Airborne Division, and look at the war from a birds flight. New battle raging in occupied Europe. You will pass from Sicily to Germany, from every fight with a spectacular leap from the clouds. The place where the hero lands, you can choose, thereby determining the course of the battle. New graphics, tactics and a lot of exciting operations all this awaits you in the Medal of Honor: Airborne, the heroes of the game!

Play by your rules! Each task can be done in different ways! Be smarter and luckier enemy, because the success depends not only your life but the whole operation!
Count to three and pull the ring! Each mission begins with the landing. During the flight, you can not just look around, but also control the parachute!
The best weapon of war! In your hands the most destructive guns of the Second World War. All pistols, submachine guns and rifles have a real live performance!
Shooting in the top ten! Gradually weapon skills improve. Practice, and eventually turn into a real sniper!
A soldier played by real actors! Drawings of the new generation has allowed to achieve maximum realism. Soldiers are like real people and the world around us in the documentary footage. Believe what is happening is very easy!

Features Ripa:
Do not recoded
Cut the multiplayer, as well as the creation of videos and games on the management (who does not know how to shoot the shooter?)
The game is patched to version 1.3
Installation requires 512 MB of free RAM
Setup time 5 minutes
Author Ripa: Naitro

Installed patches:
v 1.1
Bugs fixed:
Fixed a bug that caused the unavailability of prizes on a dedicated server.
Fixed a bug causing the inability to login to the system after an attempt to create an account with a pseudonym is used.
Fixed a bug that caused messages to appear Punkbuster in an individual game.
Disabled display of debug text when changing directions.
Fixed a bug causing the inability to reload the rifle, Springfield when using the optical sight.
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to select the play list.
Fixed an error processing Terms of Use.
Fixed a bug where sliders picture and sound settings are not allocated to them by specifying the cursor.
Fixed a bug where when you exit the setup menu controls the player did not go to the previous menu, returning to the game.
Fixed text formatting on the boot screen multiplayer games in 800x600.
Fixed a formatting error on the screen of a multiplayer game in high definition.
When you move the slider to regulate the sensitivity of the sighting, and now hear the sound.
When adjusting the sound volume is now playing a sound piece that demonstrates changes in the volume.
Fixed a bug that caused the appearance of a window with a proposal to save the changes if there are none.
Fixed text formatting on the boot screen of an individual game.
Localized the entire text of the pause menu of educational games.
Fixed image buttons Back button in the menu of additional materials.
Fixed image buttons Back button in the menu of statistics and awards.
Fixed a bug that caused text to disappear when you try to access conditions to select an available video clip using the arrow keys.
Fixed Image Cancel button in the resolutions 1280x1024, 1360x1024 and 1600x1200.
Fixed a bug causing the inability to exclude the server from your favorites.
Added missing field to one of the teams in the menu control.
Fixed a bug causing the inability to join a collective game after trying to join the game with the modified file INI.
Balance Changes:
The damage and damage radius M18 and Panzerschrek reduced in multiplayer.
Other changes:
After PunkBuster name in the credits added to the registered trademark symbol.
v 1.2
Players can use the function that preserves the user name and password that allows you to continue to exclude them when they connect.
A player may enter the clan tag to be displayed before the name of the user.
Players can enter an alias that is displayed instead of the username.
Added ability to create games without limitation the maximum number of participants on dedicated servers. Note: The supported games with up to 12 users. Games involving large number of users is not supported by EA and may lead to decreased performance in some systems. In such cases it is recommended to choose the parameters calculated for performance improvement.
With the participation of 24 players information about them displayed correctly on all screens. Note: The team can be more than 12 players, but the bills are displayed on the screen, only 12 players with the highest rates. The player can find his place on the screen of the account, regardless of the number of users in the team.
Now on the map Market Garden can be played in any mode.
Now on a factory can play in any mode.
Added new landing zone.
Information about the quality of links are displayed on the screen account.
Server name is displayed on the screen account.
Messages players appear longer.
Messages are displayed on the Compass Players.
Messages to all players marked with white posts team yellow.
By default, messages in the death of the character off.
Bugs fixed:
Fixed a bug that caused it to display a white screen.
Fixed a bug that caused crashes when the map is Burnt Village.
Fixed a bug which allowed you to pass through objects on the map Remagen.
Fixed a bug that caused the decline in the quality sound effects when the map changes.
Fixed a bug causing the inability to move the slider in the server list using the mouse wheel. Fixed a bug causing the update server list when you move the slider to the top of the list. Fixed a bug that caused the crash of a dedicated server when you type an administrator.
Fixed a bug that allowed a remote server to store data about the last time you connect.
Balance Changes:
Giving an automatic rifle BAR reduced in multiplayer.
Damage automatic rifle BAR reduced in multiplayer.
Damage MP40 submachine gun is reduced in multiplayer.
Return on semi automatic rifle G43 reduced in multiplayer.
The maximum margin shortened rifle grenades, K98 is reduced to three, as the rifle M1 Garand.
Other changes:
Put the missing point in the end of a sentence in the previous file ReadMe.
v 1.3
New features:
On dedicated servers the opportunity to replace the rifle type weapon rifle Springfield without optical sight.
On dedicated servers the opportunity to replace the rifle type weapon G43 rifle without optical sight.
Map of Heraklion is now available in all modes of collective game.
Hunt Classic map is now available in all modes of collective game.
Mode of jobs now available in all multiplayer maps.
Added integrated into the game server admin tool (Rcon).
Added new server command say, by which the server administrators can post messages via the console or integrated tool in the game Rcon. These messages will be visible to all users and will be different from the other posts of special inscription at the beginning and color.
Every post game is introduced into the game console (press ).
The mode assignments for the defending team have additional problems.
Correction of errors:
Fixed a bug where dedicated server crash occurred when the mass move users. Fixed a bug setting color by default.
Fixed a bug where the output from the screen for the account does not meet the pressing Tab.
Fixed changing weapons when using voice chat menu.
Fixed a bug of the reaction or the appearance of the indicators with the shooting at the player for his team off the possibility of friendly fire.
Fixed a bug when you exit the game in the collective mode, the user hits the menu mode, and in the main game menu.
Balance Changes:
In multiplayer mode to change the rate of fire with a rifle G43.
In multiplayer mode, changed the damage done by a gun gun Thompson.
Changed the effect of the real trigger: now the character will not be able to hold their breath for an infinite period of time. Duration of breath, and duration of asthma is regulated by a file server in the format of ini.
Integrated into the game Rcon tool
To use the tool integrated into the game, press Rcon while playing on a dedicated server in the multiplayer mode in the console window that appears, enter the command. The scheme is as follows: Admin (eg: Admin showhud on). Do not forget to put quotation marks before and after the team. There are two special commands: Login: root login to the server when you enter the correct password. Scheme: Admin login After entering this command, the administrator can access all the commands of a dedicated server. Logout: the output administrator. The user no longer has access to all commands. Scheme: Admin logout All teams dedicated server can be accomplished through an integrated tool in the game Rcon. A complete list of commands in the file submitted readmeserver.txt, which is located in the same folder as the file ReadMe.
Setting the defending team in the mode assignments
When creating a game in the match has always defended the Nazis by default. This feature can be disabled using the file. Ini dedicated server. Here is a list of the commands: DEFENDER_AXIS has always defended the Nazis. DEFENDER_ALLIED always defending allies. DEFENDER_WINNER first round a random selection of the winner will be defended in the next round. DEFENDER_LOSER first round a random selection, the loser will be defended in the next round. DEFENDER_RANDOM the defending team is randomly selected each round. DEFENDER_ALTERNATING first round a random selection, further defensive team in turn.
To change the appropriate configuration file. Ini as follows: DefenderMode =

System requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Processor: Pentium 4 2,8 GHz / 3,0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video: ATI Radeon X1300, and the more recent
Sound: The sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
HDD: 4.98 GB of free space
DirectX: 9.0C

Medal of Honor: Airborne v1.3 (2007/cracked/Repacked by RG ReCoding)

Medal of Honor: Airborne v1.3 (2007/cracked/Repacked by RG ReCoding)

Medal of Honor: Airborne v1.3 (2007/cracked/Repacked by RG ReCoding)

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