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King's Quest 1-8 with manuals (PC/2012) | 1.11 GB
Genre: Adventure

Sierra Games’ immortal King’s Quest series is one of the most beloved PC game franchises of all time, and is, to this day, held up as one of the all-father inspirations of the adventure game genre.
Created by the legendary Roberta Williams, co-founder and former owner of Sierra Games, King’s Quest spans two generations of adventurers, starting with King Graham of Daventry (Sir Graham in the original game, becoming King at the end, hence the title), and including his wife, Queen Valanice, and their children, Alexander and Rosella.

-King’s Quest 1-8, the original classics, purchased from (if you enjoy these games and have the means, PLEASE buy them; GOG releases these games DRM-free and should be commended for their effots). As GOG releases, they are fully Windows compatible, including XP, Vista and 7. They’ll even create shortcuts in Window’s Game Explorer.

-Manuals for KQ 1-8, compliments of GOG

-A collection of wallpapers and artwork, collected by GOG.

-The ultra-rare 1990 remake of King’s Quest 1. This one is pulled directly from my personal collection (which, for the record, includes the floppy, CD and collection versions of all of these games). This one is not available on GOG, and is offered as-is. I had no trouble getting it to work on XP; but you might experience some issues on Vista/7. I recommend running it in DOS Box. It IS a complete copy, it was just never meant to run on Win6/7.

-Girl In The Tower – Another rarity pulled from my persona collection, Girl In The Tower is the love theme from King’s Quest VI. KQVI was originally released in 1992 on several floppy disks, with a MIDI soundtrack (typical for that time) and included a pamphlet with a list of radio stations that had been sent a full studio version of the love theme, complete with lyrics written by Mark Seibert and performed by Bob Bergthold and Debbie Seibert. Players were encouraged to call in and request the song. I only heard it play once; I don’t think the radio stations really took it too seriously. The following year, when CD-Rom drives started emerging, Sierra released the game again on CD; including, for the first time, a full voice cast and –as an added bonus- Girl In The Tower. This was the first CD-Rom game I ever bought!

Download :'s Quest 1-8 with manuals, reference cards & more!.part2.rar's Quest 1-8 with manuals, reference cards & more!.part1.rar

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