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Maps (Collection)
Maps (Collection)
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Antique Maps - 3rd ed. - 0714829544
Cybercartography - Theory and Practice - 0444516298
Map Projections - 3540367012
Maps That Made History - 1550025627
National Atlas USA States, Federal Lands and Indian Reservations
World Map

Antique Maps - 3rd ed. - 0714829544.pdf
Beautiful, evocative and historically significant, old maps are endlessly intriguing and keenly collected. Antique Maps is widely recognised as a standard reference work for novice map collectors and experts alike. It provides a historical background to the subject and advice on starting a collection. The invaluable biographical section lists major map makers between 1450 and 1850, with key dates and works.
Cybercartography - Theory and Practice - 0444516298.pdf
Cybercartography: Theory and Practice examines the major elements of cybercartography and emphasizes the importance of interaction between theory and practice in developing a paradigm which moves beyond the concept of Geographic Information Systems and Geographical Information Science. It argues for the centrality of the map as part of an integrated information, communication, and analytical package.
This volume is a result of a multidisciplinary team effort and has benefited from the input of partners from government, industry and other organizations. The international team reports on major original cybercartographic research and practice from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including the humanities, social sciences including human factors psychology, cybernetics, English literature, cultural mediation, cartography, and geography. This new synthesis has intrinsic value for industries, the general public, and the relationships between mapping and the development of user-centered multimedia interfaces.
Map Projections - 3540367012.pdf
From the reviews: "This technical reference book covers Map Projections for the sphere, ellipsoid and rotational surfaces, and geodetic datum transformations. It is intended primarily for graduate students and lectures in GIS, photogrammetry, computer vision and remote sensing. ?It is also suitable for students and academics working in mapping sciences and related geographical fields. ?The book is recommended strongly to all who are practicing or who are interested in multimedia cartography or related cartographic mapping and visualization fields." (Eva Siekierska, Geomatica, Vol. 61 (2), 2007)
Maps That Made History - 1550025627.pdf
Few people can resist the appeal of old maps and plans. Even in these days of disposable mapping - from satellite navigation to customized road directions at the click of a mouse - the historical map continues to present a unique perspective on our changing world. Here we explore 25 glorious examples. The emphasis is on the story behind the map: what it reveals about its creator and users, from the first explorers to the railway builders. This thought-provoking collection features maps that chart societies as well as land, sea, and skies; maps that have influenced and inspired; and perhaps most revealing of all, maps that misrepresent.
National Atlas USA States, Federal Lands and Indian Reservations.pdf
World Map.pdf


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